Tyler Posey Under Fire For Snap Chat Video

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, came under fire when he posted a Snap Chat video that was originally thought to be his coming out moment. Hollywood gossip columnist Perez Hilton tweeted the video and asked if the actor was actually coming out or if it was a joke. Turns out it was a joke.

Perez Hilton/Twitter

In the video, Tyler stood near a sign for Gay Street (located in New York City) & proclaimed: “This is me. I am this and this is me. I’ve never felt more alive, I’m gay!”
Click here to watch the full video.

Responses to Tyler’s video came fast & mostly furious. Many started calling him out about making light of such a serious subject, others felt that he did no harm and let him off the hook. Tyler also posted a second video in which he proclaimed he was a lamp.

The following day Tyler tweeted his apology:

Tyler Posey/Twitter

According to a story on Fusion.net, a representative from MTV’s communication department claimed that Tyler meant that he was “happy”, not that he was a gay man.
In May, Tyler’s former Teen Wolf co-star, Colton Haynes made headlines when he came out months after responding to a Tumblr comment about his rumored secret gay past.

Kat’s Take:

I was pretty upset when I found out that Tyler was joking about coming out. I felt that it was not only ignorant, but irresponsible as well. Coming out is a huge, life-altering moment for many people. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. While there are coming out stories with happy endings, there are far too many that are not.

Not much has been said since Tyler apologized for this incident. I don’t know if he and some of his fans truly understand why people were upset or if he truly understands the gravity of the situation. I would like to see him educate himself by spending time with LGBT organizations like the Trevor Project, that specializes in suicide prevention amongst LGBT youth. PFLAGGLSEN and the Human Rights Campaign are also great resources about the LGBT community. I feel that he could have used this opportunity to educate his fans, but maybe that is too much to ask for.

Matt’s Take:

Sorry, but I’m just not buying your excuses or explanations, Tyler.  The video is offensive and childish, and you made a mistake by posting it.  Clearly, it was never intended to “show your support for the LGBT community”, it was intended to get a laugh and it backfired.  You’re a bully, Tyler Posey, plain and simple, and it’s a shame that this event was mostly overlooked by the media.  Celebrities should be held accountable for what they post online and not be able to sweep it under the rug with a few apologetic tweets.


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