Katy Perry Update

This week we’re updating you on the latest Katy Perry news, plus we’ll explain why there is a politically charged message in her new single “Chained To The Rhythm.”

Update: Katy has been teasing snippets of what is possibly new music from her upcoming album. The site BreatheHeavy.com describes them as a “Goddess song” and a “tropical tinged song.” Just this week she teased another snippet called “Deja Vu.” Click here to listen to the clips.

On February 16, the singer released her official shoe line at katyperrycollections.com! The collection of about 40 styles of shoes range anywhere from approximately $99-$149. Fun fact: Katy named her shoes after friends and family. The Hillary is named after Hillary Clinton. 

Katy is very close to purchasing a vacant property that was used as a convent. After winning two-year long court case, she is waiting on final approval from the Vatican. She plans to convert the 8 acre property into a personal estate.

That single: While we still don’t have a date for Katy’s next album release, the first single, “Chained to the Rhythm”, indicates that it will be very different from the candy-coated pop of her previous efforts.  After being a highly vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, the song clearly shows her disappointment at how the election turned out:

Are we tone deaf?

Keep sweeping it under the mat

Thought we can do better than that

I hope we can.

Katy tweeted that this was her era of “Purposeful Pop” and said in an interview, “The song is meant to start conversations. It’s supposed to pose a question in our minds, if anyone is seeing what they’re seeing and still asleep or apathetic.”

Whether or not listeners will embrace this new side of Katy Perry is in question. While “Chained” debuted at number 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100, it didn’t rise to number 1 as many would expect and instead began to fall, where it’s currently sitting at number 13.  It’s not a terrible chart performance by any means, but it’s also not what we’ve come to expect from a singer who has eight #1 singles to her credit.


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