A Buzzful Week

Pepsi Protests: Pepsi created a firestorm of controversy when the soda maker released a television ad featuring Kendall Jenner joining a protest march against the police, which is all quickly resolved by sharing a Pepsi with the authorities.  Critics called the ad “tone deaf” and “cringe-worthy”, and Kendall is reportedly “very upset” and “feels terrible”.

Life of Kylie: Kylie Jenner will star in her own 8 episode docu-series called “Life of Kylie” this summer. According to Entertainment Tonight, the reality series will focus on “her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics”.

New Music From Mariah Carey: The diva has signed with Epic Records and plans to release a new album later this year. More details to come.

Fly The Not So Friendly Skies: Video footage has surfaced of a United Airlines passenger being forcefully removed from his seat after he refused to voluntarily leave an overbooked flight. The video footage shows the passenger, a 69 year-old Asian doctor, being dragged down the aisle and off the plane. United wanted his seat for one of their employees. On Wednesday, United announced that all passengers on this flight will receive compensation for the cost of their tickets. 

Chicken Nugget Twitter Record: A sixteen year-old from Reno, Nevada is on track to break the record for the most retweeted post of all time, and it’s all in the hopes of getting free food.  Carter Wilkerson tweeted the fast-food restaurant Wendy’s to ask “how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets”, and when they responded with “18 million”, Carter replied, “Consider it done”.  The post now has over 2.6 million retweets and could easily break the all-time record of 3.2 million, set by Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie.




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